The Best Food Town In South-West Ireland For 2021

We spoke to James, our local host from Southern Ireland, about his favourite place to experience true Irish cuisine. This is what he had to say.

‘In Ireland, along the Wild Atlantic Way especially, you’re lucky because the bars and restaurants are really great. Dingle is one of the top towns that is really special. It’s a small fishing harbour, still working, and all the shop fronts are painted bright colours and they have excellent bars and restaurants.’

About The Area

Dingle is a hearty and slow pace town. During the Summer it can get very lively but even during the Winter months the town has a certain community warmth to it. Dingle is buzzing with things to do, from water sports such as surfing to excellent hiking trails and even a cookery school. The school embodies local Irish cuisine and produce. Its popularity goes to show that Dingle knows what it’s doing when it comes to food.

The Freshest Irish Cuisine

If you are looking to experience some of this tasty Irish cuisine, James suggests restaurant Out of the Blue. He states that this is his ‘favourite restaurant in Dingle. They serve fresh fish, veg and potatoes, no chips, as it should be. They serve really excellent food, any of the white fish is what I would recommend.’

To Finish Your Night

‘If you’re looking for a bar, I’d recommend Dick Mack’s or Foxy Johns. These are old places that used to serve as shops as well as bars. There was a time in Ireland where if you were a draper, you’d have a bar or if you owned a hardware store, you’d have a bar. In the bars in Dingle there are still remnants of these hardware stores. You’ll even hear people speaking Irish in these smaller towns. There’s a really lovely feel about going off the beaten track.’

The bars in Dingle are also well known for regularly hosting live music sessions. Locals as well as visiting musicians are welcomed to play in the warmth of the bar. People are encouraged to enjoy the music with a pint of Guinness in hand.

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