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Activity Holidays in Hungary

Locked in Eastern Europe by seven different countries, it’s no wonder Hungary is a marvelous weave of tradition, modernity, and cultural twists around every corner. From one of Europe’s most cutting edge capitals to villages like time capsules, Hungary has a huge amount to explore.

Thanks to its position at the heart of the continent, Hungary has endured a tumultuous, fascinating history reflected in the rich variety of incredible architecture. Ancient ruins, magnificent baroque churches, Roman bathhouses, and elegant renaissance masterpieces make virtually all Hungary’s cities impossibly picturesque.

Get out into the countryside, and you’ll find lands where time has stood still, with picturesque villages carrying out centuries-old traditions. And, as the residents of these corners of Hungary will tell you, the old ways are still the best.

Old lessons and sacred traditions are evident in the legendary Maygar cuisine, as well as the infectious dance houses, where you can while away the night drinking vast quantities of beer to the sound of raucous folk music.

Best Time to Visit Hungary

Visiting Hungary in the shoulder season, the months of April through to June and September to October, are wonderful thanks to the stunning spring weather and the unmissable grape harvest festivals in autumn.

However, long days, glorious weather and countless festivals make Hungary the perfect summer destination, even if prices are a touch higher.

In the winter, Hungary can be a bit bleak to be perfectly honest, but the countless cultural attractions mean that even in the depths of the dark months, there is still tonnes to enjoy.

Best Places to Visit in Hungary