Virginia and Sara

Virginia and Sara

Locations: Italy

About Virginia and Sara

Tell me a bit about yourself

We  provide  tailor-made local experiences,  focussing on everyday tours where people can see the city and also taste the food & wine. We are both wine experts, I have done a WST certificate and Sara has previously spent a lot of time in the wine hospitality sector. We both know a lot about wines from the region and their history, our personal tours focus on food & wine, and are uniquely local. We provide experiences to people who really want to get to know the essence of Verona and the surrounding region.

What inspired you to work in tourism?

Sara and I met when we worked together in a bank! We talked about doing something different, I had previously organised a couple of weddings in Italy for American couples and so had experience in organising and finding unique things to do. Originally, I wanted to continue with the wedding planning, but I soon realised I was more interested in hospitality. Local tourism is quite new here in Verona, and I saw an opportunity. It can be difficult for tourists to find, for example, wineries that are open at the weekend for a visit or small artisan local producers when they can’t speak English. I realised that this is something that I could help out with. We have a lot of passion for the local area and the types of experiences that we offer.What started as a hobby eventually it turned into our full-time jobs.

What makes your experiences special?

We put a lot of passion into our work. It is just me and Sara so we put all of our energy into making the experiences the best that we can so that people enjoy them. We want to take care of everyone and make sure that the tours that we offer are something we would personally like to do. We are always very focused on the details as well as quality over quantity -we lead all the experiences ourselves and we have a lot of passion;  I think that people can see that when they come on our tours. We have a very good relationship with all of our suppliers and make sure that we choose the small boutiques that are of extremely high quality but not extortionately priced. Even the wineries that we choose are boutique wineries and again the quality is very high, trust us we know what we’re talking about! In these smaller locations you really get to experience what it is like on a personal level.  People want to travel now because of experiences and we do our best to provide a warm welcome to our city.

What do you love most about Verona?

Verona is a very romantic and walkable city because it’s very small. But you always have something to see and discover that you haven’t seen before. For me, it is a good opportunity to be able to offer something unique. When I started this job my mum said ‘you know what in once month you will close’, I have been running these experiences with Sara now for over 3 years, it goes to show that there is still so much to see in Verona that people are yet to uncover. People want to experience, not just see, locations and we invite people to get to know the real Verona.

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