Our Host: Tina Kyriakis

Greece , Athens

I started my company in 2013 with just one aim: To show travellers the genuine side of Greece, away from easy tourist stereotypes. Since then, we’ve put together a range of local experiences and tours that show you interesting places less frequented by tourists, where you can get a real understanding of the country, its capital and the local way of life here.

Our tours are unique, but it’s our people who make them truly unforgettable. That’s why we choose our guides very carefully and according to two criteria: how well they know their city, and how friendly and open they are to the world. After all, it’s the encounters you make on your trip which create the best memories to take home.

We’re a small, local company with a global way of looking at things, so we’re very excited that we’ve been featured in the international press in a number of articles that described us as, among other things, an innovative company helping to change the face of Athens.

We love what we do; we love meeting people, exchanging ideas and – because this is what travelling is really all about – sharing all we can about our country and our culture.


Activities By Tina Kyriakis

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