Our Host: Patrick Norris


I have loved and explored my part of Northumberland since I was a child. Now, I share the love and knowledge of this remarkable place, with those discovering it anew and with those like me, who keep on coming back for more.

There is always something to see and discover here. So, whether you are looking for wildlife, wildflowers, or just to drift with purpose through the land, landscapes and history of Northumberland, then do that on a Footsteps guided walk.

There is history too, prehistoric, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and more. With Footsteps, we take the time to stand, stare and reflect on those in whose footsteps we are following.

From the Northumberland Coast, to the tops of the Cheviot Hills and many places in between, come on a Footsteps guided walk to discover and gather memories of your time in this magical land of Northumberland.


Activities By Patrick Norris

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