Our Host: Graham


Wexford-born Graham is the heart and the drive behind his active tours of Ireland.

After a stint in Multimedia and Purchasing Management, Graham gave in to his passion, and packed his bag to travel around the world. Working in adventure tourism along his way was something that just fitted perfectly as soon as he tried it. He returned to his beloved Ireland in 2013 to study a Management degree in Adventure Tourism. Graham had a plan and on the strength of this plan, his tour company was born.

A natural adventurer and adrenalin junkie, there is little Graham hasn’t done – from negotiating raging rapids in New Zealand to jumping out of perfectly good planes at 19,000 feet. During his travels, he was struck by two things – the lack of dedicated adventure tourism providers in Ireland, and more importantly the potential this beautiful country has to host adventure travellers.

Graham believes that new experiences and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is what ultimately defines you as a person. With his qualifications, experience and team of experts around him, he wants you to have your own adventure.


Activities By Graham

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