Our Host: Aziz

My name is Aziz (meaning, the Dearest one). I grew up in a desert city in the south east of Morocco, which gave me an inherent understanding of the tourism industry. My educational and professional background centered on social work and social enterprise, development and economics. I have spent the last 12 years working for social businesses for which I have carried out managing and research to support the needs of vulnerable families and communities, mainly in marginalized areas.

I have a vast knowledge about my country and its history, culture, economic, people and even politic. My experience of working with NGOs and the frequent social business travels in and outside of the country have made me possess a sort of certainty that travel could be better than just visiting historical destinations but rather connecting people and build authentic connections with the different others

Escape, indulge, explore and give back are simple concepts. Our business was created to bring people together, to authentically connect you, not only to Morocco’s incredible destinations, but to the heartbeat that lies beneath. I want you to come away with an eye for the beauty of its natural environment and the hopes and challenges of our people. I want you to touch and feel good quality workmanship and to taste the Ras El Hanout in our tagines. I would like you to build authentic connections and know that your visit matters.


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