Our Host: Olli and Team


Finland , Lapland , Levi

We make sure your stay with us combines tranquillity, pure air and beautiful nature into an Arctic experience which is rare to come by.

Because of our remote location away from artificial light, we offer you the best chance to experience the amazing Northern Lights, which are often visible during the operational period from September until April.

The accommodation units are called Sky View Cabins.  The most dominant features of all the cabins are the huge floor-to-ceiling windows and heated glass ceilings above the beds, offering perfect views of the Northern sky and the surrounding nature. On evenings with clear skies the view from inside the Sky View Cabins becomes simply breath-taking.

We pride ourselves on our restaurant where culinary excellence meets the natural wonders of Lapland. Our carefully created menu showcases a delightful blend of Nordic flavors with a touch of international flair. To make your dining experience even more enchanting, we offer the chance to dine adjacent to our illuminated reindeer enclosure, where the beauty of the North comes alive under the Northern Lights.


Activities By Olli and Team

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