Activity Holidays in Greenland


When it comes to off the beaten track destinations tailor-made for providing an unforgettable activity holiday, few places come close to touching Greenland. A vast swathe of ice sheets, sheer mountains as dramatic as any in the world, calving icebergs, huge fjords, and simply unending wilderness awaits when you set foot on this sparsely populated island, as do many experiences that will stick with you forever.

Beyond the capital Nuuk, which in itself is little more than a port, a few brightly painted houses and fascinating little cultural gems perched on the edge of this behemoth of an island, the only way to travel is by boat, plane or helicopter. Wander on foot, on skis, by sea kayak or on a traditional dogsled, as you get further from civilisation than you even thought possible in this day and age.

Drink in the incredibly pure air, travel for hundreds of miles without seeing another soul, marvel at the northern lights or the winter sun, and return home to a world that suddenly seems all very small and overdeveloped. Time spent in Greenland changes those who visit, and shows them a side to the world that, whilst it does still exist, is shrinking by the day.

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Best Time to Visit Greenland


Clearly, Greenland is an island of extremes. Difficult to navigate in the winter, it also remains extremely dark, extremely cold, and the southern coasts are the only fringes of the land that don’t freeze over. Of course, you will have a good chance of spotting the northern lights on your trip.

In the summer, particularly in June, the ice retreats, the fjords become navigable, and outdoor activities are far more manageable.

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