Nicknamed the ‘City of everlasting spring,’ the pleasant year-round climate of Medellín is just one of a bucket load of benefits that will certainly put a spring in your step as you roam it’s thriving streets and explore it’s nearby vast mountain ranges.

Firstly, let us quash any qualms there might be about safety in Medellín, whilst the city used to be home and operational HQ of the infamous Pablo Escobar’s empire, the Medellín you might have read about or seen on the TV is very much a thing of the past and the threat rating now seems like a minus 6.

Now a delightful place full of law-abiding entrepreneurial folk, a few years back, Colombia’s second biggest city was hailed “the most innovative city in the world” beating the likes of New York City in the process. It’s now brimming with contemporary ideas for modern living, such as the eco-árbol, a tree-like structure that acts as an air-purifier.

Nestled in the narrow Aburrá valley, Medellin sits in between a majestic mountain range and wherever you are in the city, you’re never far from a view of one the jagged peaks. More importantly, according to Nidia, our local ambassador, you’re never far from a fresh adventure: “There are loads of amazing cycling routes in and around Medellín, because it’s so close to the mountains it’s so easy to get out and discover a precious piece of Colombian nature, whether it be on foot or on two wheels.”

It’s also worth noting Medellín’s energetic nightlife that makes it too easy to let your down on any night of the week, the city is bursting at the seams with many bars, restaurants and if you fancy throwing some shapes on the dance floor, many discos dotted throughout. For the best of the lot, Nidia shared a bit of in the know info with us, but keep shtum about it, yeah? “In Medellin, there are many cool, vibrant areas such as Parque Lleras for example. This area is full of cool restaurants, bars and cafes, so it’s really good for eating out and grabbing a drink.”

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