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Despite the stunning ancient jungle temples, the pristine, white-sand beaches under the blazing hot sun, the sleepy jasmine scented towns and the unequalled food, the green-flanked mountains and the whirlwind energy of addictive cities, Cambodia’s highlight is distinct from any landmarks or major sights.

Cambodia’s strength as a destination lies in its people. The openness, warmth, and friendliness of the Cambodian people is unmatched anywhere in the world. Perhaps this is a result of the dark days they have had to endure in the recent past, developing a population of people amongst whom tolerance, patience and general warmth knows no bounds – or maybe they’re just like that anyway.

Regardless, a day, a week, or a month spent getting to know these people as they show you a country that is incredible in its own right, whether it’s the mountains, jungles and waterfalls in the north where tigers and elephants roam the thick forest and lost ruins, or the sleepy coastal towns to the south, diving headfirst into Cambodia is an adventure rich in discovery.