Food Adventures In Rio for 2021

Our local host from Rio, Flavia, encourages everyone who visits her home city to be adventurous with their food. Here are a few of the suggestions that she has when choosing what to eat.

The Meat

‘Well is Brazilians are famous for our meat, we love it. We have the Churrascaria’s which are traditional style of Brazilian restaurants. You may a set price where there is a buffet of salad and side dishes and the waiters will come around and serve you the barbecued meats on swords and cut it off right onto your plate. Even people who don’t eat meat should go because the buffets can be really really good and are still extremely enjoyable.’

The Seafood

‘We also have a lot of seafood, fish octopus. There is a dish called Moqueca this is originally from Bahia. This is a fish stew type dish with tomatoes, coconut milk, onion and garlic in. This has a lot of African heritage influence. The dish will often be served in a big pot for one table where you can serve out the stew between a group of you and accompany it with rice.’

The Cheese Breads

‘Another local dish you should try is called Pao De Queijo which literally translate as cheese bread. This is a small ball that is crusty on the outside and soft on the inside with gooey cheese. This is something that is very common and we are the only place in the world that has this.’

The Local Markets

‘Definitely check out the local markets. The vendors sell fresh fruits, veg and fish. There will fruits that you have never seen before and they are so tasty. Even the mango is another world away compared to the mangoes you have at home. You should try out Fruita Do Conde, it is very unique.’

The Bars

‘Us Brazilian’s like bars, especially Thursday and Friday nights. There is a place in Rio called Baixo Gavea that has lots of bars attended by locals. Beer is our drink of choice. Since the weather is really nice all day and all year round people would head to the bar to get a drink but then stand in the streets to enjoy it rather than inside.’

‘Brewtecho is a favourite bar of mine. They have a few locations across the city and is very casual and popular with the locals. If you visit here than you will definitely feel like you are a local.’

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