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We’re looking for new travel experts to join us. Those who are passionate about their local area, and are proud to showcase both rewarding and responsible things to do.

About us.

Welcome to Not In The Guidebooks. We’re a global collective of local travel experts committed to uncovering ethical and responsible travel experiences for visitors. We want to help people discover authentic travel experiences and allow independent travellers to connect with the best local providers to enjoy immersive and authentic things to do.

From hidden-gems, to alternative ways of experiencing well-trodden, iconic sites… we want to help immerse discerning, independent travellers into local culture.

And we strive to uncover, but importantly, also to conserve. We only seek out and work with socially responsible partners (and trip providers) who showcase the best an area has to offer, whilst preserving it for others and generations to come.

Finally, we’re building NITGB to be a global collective, owned by those who deliver it. This model will ensure local businesses, people and places (who make great experiences a reality)  are able to share in, and benefit from, its overall success.

We’d love love you to join us.

About you.

We’re looking for those with a passion about their local area, and also for helping others uncover and enjoy the best, responsible, most authentic things to do.

As a Not in The Guidebooks ambassador, you must champion off the beaten path experiences, but also have a passion for conservation.

We want to provide things to do that benefit the traveler but also importantly the local area, people and wildlife.

Essentially, we want to give back to, not take from, all the things that make authentic travel the most rewarding thing on earth.

What does an NITGB ambassador do?

As an ambassador you will find the very best local experiences delivered by the best local providers.

These can be tours, activities, events, or any kind of experience designed to immerse a visitor into the local culture. You’re not limited to just one supplier of tours, and it’s important you select the best tour providers so travellers have a brilliant experience and really get to know your region.

Our system allows for reviews and feedback, with the better operators naturally rising and gaining more visibility.

In addition, The local ambassador can help businesses upload their details on the NITGB website and upload inspiring photography to excite people about the experiences.

And for each booking of a trip from one of the providers you’ve signed up, you’ll earn a percentage of the sale value. This is unlimited, and you’ll receive a fee from every single booking made on any of the experiences you help add to the website.

What you’ll earn

The local vendor loads information on the website about their activities. The traveller then books and pays online. We will then pays the local vendor (less 20%) and pay the local ambassador 5%.

In addition, we’re building NITGB to be global collective, owned by those who deliver it. We are putting aside 10% of the business to be given to our first, pioneers of our ambassador programme.  

What is a Not In The Guidebooks experience?

We are sourcing experiences for confident, discerning, independent travellers. Aged 40 to 65, and professionals (pre-kids) 25-40, these are affluent people who really value their time away.

Experiences must be delivered by a trusted and responsible provider, local to the area and can be tours, activities, events, or any kind of experience designed to immerse a visitor into the local culture.

To help guide you, we are looking for experiences that are:

Something a little ‘DIFFERENT & AUTHENTIC’. An experience to really get to see and immerse yourself in the place (meet the people, learn about the history and culture and discover the cuisine.)

Involve spending time with ‘LOCAL PEOPLE’. Using their own vehicles, creating out of the ordinary experiences, finding the inside track… local people have unique local knowledge to share.

PROFESSIONAL, SAFE & RESPONSIBLE. It’s really important to us to only work with trip providers who are incredibly passionate about their local area and primed to deliver a rewarding and enriching experience for travellers.

MODULAR & BITE SIZE’. Travellers can create the right balance to suit them. (1/2 day experiences, day tours, multi-day trips)

PREMIUM’. from 2 hr local tours to 3 day adventures, time that includes top end activities that cater for people looking for special local experiences.

ON THE PULSE’.  Evolving and keeping up to date with the season and what’s going on in the area.

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We look forward to welcoming you, and together, creating authentic, immersive, ethical, unbeatable travel, worldwide – with all of us sharing in the success we build.

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