Farm to Table


This authentic affair centres around a farm located in an outlying suburb of Colombo, the daily work routine of the farm, and freshly preparing local food incorporating what is grown in the immediate vicinity.

Farm to table will show you local farmland,  traditional farming methods, local vegetables and using hand picked vegetables, herbs and spices and local produce you will create some of the most delicious local dishes.

This experience takes you to one of the few remaining organic farms about half an hour out from Columbo in the area of Hokandara.  The farm is small and compact about 1.5 acres giving you the opportunity to walk through the gardens while we talk you though all the different vegetation growing, as well as the sustainable and green practices of the farm.

The produce found here are indigenous such as Dambala winged beans, snake gourd , luffa , spices, pepper and different varieties of chillies.  We pick leaves known as Gotu Kola as the basis for a salad we make later on.

We then meet the 2 sisters that run the farm – in fact there are 2 farms that are connected.  These ladies provide hands-on guidance to farmers in the area. They share local recipes for different curries demonstrating in their outdoor kitchen, how to cook the different vegetables and how to scrape out the coconuts.   They show you how we cook traditional dishes in clay pots and then we eat the meal off banana or lotus leaves.

For desert, it will depend on what is in season but we typically eat fruit from the local orange or sour sap trees.  We also eat local produce and their is a local farmer who makes curd with kithaul treacle.  This is a local honey like substance where we cut the flower from the palm and put a clay pot to collect the resin.


  • Learning about Island fruits and veggies.
  • Harvesting fruits and veggies to cook.
  • Enjoying the meal with the local farming family.

What's Included

Host, Tour of farm, introduction to local organic produce and instruction on local cooking
Share lunch that we have created

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