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Palermo Street Food & Local Market Tour, Tailormade

3 hours

Join a small group from 2 to 10

Palermo Street Food & Local Market Tour, Tailormade


What You'll Do

Enjoy a relaxing walk with a local guide and explore the oldest food markets of Palermo and sample the best selection of street food and drinks. Weave in and out of the squares, back streets, and alleys, all the while learning about Palermo’s history, culture, and insights that only a local guide can truly offer.

This morning Palermo street food tour begins at the Teatro Massimo situated in the heart of the city centre. At the meeting point you will receive your personal food passport to check off all the local delicacies you have tasted. Led by a local licensed guide, you’ll explore the Capo and the Vucciria food markets, jumping in and out from the alleys to the main streets and squares. You will sample some of the more traditional and tasty local seasonal dishes, as well as some of your guides favourite dishes, preferred artisans and local shops en route.

So you have an idea of the taste sensations available, here is a selection from a typical tour menu; panelle (chickpea fritters) and sfincione (tomato focaccia) and some typical foods of the local region, such as the one and only ”pani ca’ meusa” veal lung and spleen sandwich (which is much more delicious than it sounds !!).

But it isn’t all about the food! During the walk, your guide will share with you anecdotes, history and cultural highlights of their home town and an insight into their daily lives; shopping habits and  sense of humour. They may even share Sicillian social and controversial issues such as the Mafia ! You will gain and experience an all-encompassing overview of the local culture.

After typically five or six delicious savoury street food samples, accompanied by a light aperitif, you wash them down with a glass of local dessert wine in the oldest area of downtown, sharing a cheerful toast with the locals. This amazing experience finally ends with a show stopping seasonal dessert (cannoli in winter, ice cream in summertime).

We always offer what is seasonal and traditional in that specific season. Your guide will showcase the best seasonal local produce and food samples, although your exact route  may vary to include unique delicacies available on that specific day.

La vita è bella


Enjoy Palermo from the perspective of a true local, discover the best tips to help you glimpse below the beautiful exterior.

Visit the kitchens and learn the secret recipes which have been passed for generation to generation.

Explore the food benches of Palermo, a great place for people watching.

Your Local Host:


Hi, my name is Marco, and I was born and raised in Palermo, Sicily. Travelling is my oxygen and I I love eating, drinking and cooking. I have travelled all over Italy becoming an expert in all the regional cuisines and it is my passion to help visitors experience the fresh and delicious local dishes-even if some of them are unusual! I also like surfing, snowboarding, playing soccer and…rock’n’roll!

Location Information

The tour begins at the main gate of Teatro Massimo opera house in piazza Verdi. The guide will be carrying a red bag with the Streaty logo printed on it. The start time is officially 11.00am but this can vary slightly and will be confirmed when your tour is confirmed.

The tour finishes in in the area of the port La Cala or piazza San Domenico.

  • Enjoy 5-6 different street food samples and a dessert. The best way to really appreciate Italy is through the food!
  • Experienced local guide will give you a great insight into the city, and take you off the tourist path.
  • 1 glass of wine and 1 glass of beer


The walking itinerary is easy; however, seats cannot be guaranteed at every stop. This tour is not recommended to guests with limited walking and standing capacity.

Yes, this tour is adaptable for vegetarians, but unlikely to be suited to vegans. However, there is a strong cultural element to this tour and will still be of interest if no food options are available.

Unfortunately, smoking is not permitted during any of the food stops.