Why is Kerala known as God’s Own Country?

Kerala History

Kerala with its diverse range of locations, from coastal regions to rainforest, is a lush, tropical paradise and one can understand why it’s often referred to as Kerala God’s Own Country. Most visitors to India do not consider Kerala as their first choice of destination when visiting India, often looking at travelling to the most well-known locations to experience this beautiful country. Kerala offers so many different options, it’s not just a beach holiday, it’s perfect for those wanting a little bit of adventure, to experience and explore something a little different.

What is Kerala most famous for?

Keralan Backwaters

Kerala has many hidden rivers, canals, pools and lakes known as “the backwaters”. Houseboats and riverside homes can be found here, it’s worth taking a kayaking trip you to explore the backwaters.

Tea Plantations

The location of Kerala provides the perfect environment for tea growing and spices; Cardamom is also grown in this region The Munnar Tea Museum is a great place to visit to find out more about how tea is grown.

Kerala Mythology

Kerala is steeped in history and according to Hindu mythology, the area of Kerala, was taken back from the sea by a warrior sage, who threw his axe across the sea and the water receded back to where the axe fell.

Abundant flora and fauna

Perhaps, this is why is it called gods own country. Kerala is a tropical paradise of lush vegetation and it is home to many species of wildlife. Elephants and Bengal tigers can be found here and it has a number of endangered species including the Indian Sloth-bear and lion tailed Macaque. Kerala is home to six national parks, 2 tiger reserves and fourteen wildlife sanctuaries, all of which offer day trips, well worth the visit.

When is the best time to go?

Having a tropical climate, Kerala does have a monsoon season, whilst this is worth bearing in mind when planning holiday activities; don’t let it put you off. Some of the most stunning sights are to be found after a thunderstorm, waterfalls are spectacular and it’s still warm.

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