Makka and Louise

Makka and Louise

Locations: England

About Makka and Louise

Makka and Louise have a great love for living a low-impact lifestyle.  Their dream is to provide Eco-friendly spaces for people, which allow them to disconnect with the everyday and reconnect with nature and their true selves.

Travelling the world searching for the perfect place to bring their vision to life, they discovered some of the most inspiring and interesting places on the planet.  Although many of their adventures took them to rustic, natural spaces and allowed them to meet wonderful people, they soon became jaded by the commercial tourism industry.  Steel and concrete buildings, excessive waste, irreparable damage to local ecosystems and entertainment alien to the country’s culture, saddened the couple deeply. This inspired them to create the unique brand of rustic, sustainable luxury that Plush Tents is so famous for.

Each of our unique Yurts is named after one of the most memorable and fascinating places that they have visited throughout the globe:

Pushkar – India

Hanoi – Vietnam

Unawatuna – Sri Lanka

Yallingup – Australia

Woolhope – UK

Rocha – Uruguay 

Chacahua – Mexico

Es Cubells – Ibiza

Koh Lanta – Thailand

Tikal – Guatemala 

Harbin – China

Chiapas – México

After many years of adventures, the couple discovered that the space to create their dream was right in front of them.  They happened upon a woodland oasis of sunshine and birdsong near their home in West Sussex and knew that this was where the magic would come to life.  Making the most of the beauty of England and allowing people to stay comfortably in harmony with nature, without having to travel abroad to experience. 

It is here where you are today that they have spent many years creating, growing and sculpting this small piece of unused woodland into a space where everything you see and touch is authentic and works with the environment.  As much as possible is lovingly hand-crafted, using traditional techniques and local materials.  It is a place where creative people are welcomed and inclusion is encouraged.

We welcome you to our sanctuary of trees, wildlife and starlight, where the land is treasured and the hosts feel like family.  The only thing that was missing… 

Was you.

Activities By Makka and Louise