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Activity Holidays in Bulgaria

A history that stretches back over millennia, golden sand beaches that rival the shores of the Mediterranean, untamed mountains and pristine pine forests that sink into clear blue lakes, Bulgaria is Europe’s hidden gem you didn’t know you were missing until now.

Its position as the gateway to Turkey has left it as an incredible tapestry of ruins, fortresses, and ancient monuments. These traces of past influences from the times of the Romans, the Ottomans, the Soviets, and many many more make Bulgaria both an architectural and historical treat.

The Black Sea coastline attracts everyone from the lounging beachgoer to the coastal explorer, as Bulgaria offers beautiful sun-soaked beaches and hidden misty coves all along its eastern stretch of seaside.

Head to the west of the country, and you’ll stumble across some of Europe’s best wilderness. Swathes of sweet-scented pine forest conceals bears, wolves and lynx, whilst incredible trails snake up through jaw-dropping mountains that conceal cold-clear glacial lakes.

In the towns and cities, a rich culture and vibrant nightlife await you, with surprisingly energetic art scenes and fantastic culinary explorations to be had in Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv.

Getting off the beaten track in Bulgaria is easily done and richly rewarding, and it’s the perfect place for your next European adventure into the unknown.

Best Time to Visit Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s high season is really about one thing to most tourists – the coast. People flock to the Black Sea, where high temperatures and warm evenings bring out a vibrant, lively atmosphere.

You’ll find the best time for hiking, climbing, and generally exploring outdoors in spring and autumn, May and April being particularly good times to lose yourself in the mountains.

In the winter, it does get very chilly, and although the coast might be quiet and the cities covered in snow, the ski resorts in the mountains make a tempting option.