Vinyasa Flow explained

Welcome to our weekly series dedicated to helping you navigate the confusing terminology of yoga. Beginner or not, this ‘yoga dictionary’ explains what your yoga-loving friends and teachers mean when they say hatha, kundalini, iyengar, yin, etc.

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This week’s term:

Vinyasa Flow

Pronounced “vin-YAH-sah”, this style of yoga practice emphasises smooth, fluid, movement-intensive sessions. Vinyasa teachers generally choreograph their classes – playing music alongside the movements – to create fun and smooth transitions from pose to pose.

Physical difficulty: Vinyasa Flow is similar in intensity to Ashtanga, requiring mental and physical focus as you work through a series of poses. It requires a bit more athleticism than Iyengar yoga, but is still great for any skill level.

Best part of Vinyasa Flow: If you love diversity in your exercise, Vinyasa Flow is definitely for you! No two Vinyasa classes are the same, so you can break routine and test your physical limits.

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