Tantra Yoga explained

Welcome to our weekly series dedicated to helping you navigate the confusing lingo of yoga. Beginner or not, this ‘yoga dictionary’ will be here every Tuesday to quench your curiosity about a new, bizarre yogi word.

This week’s term:

Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga is built around a powerful combination of yoga postures and practise that develop clarity, strength, and bliss for your everyday life. The ancient practise focuses on the five forces of Shakti, the female deity of creativity and change, and enforces that humans can move through the world empowered, confident, and content.

Best part of Tantra yoga: Empowerment, as a foundation of this practise, is the sense you’ll have leaving a Tantra yoga class or retreat. If you struggle with confidence, this type of yoga can boost your self-image and contentment.

Once you feel like taking your yoga practice and learning beyond the studio (say, to a beach), check out some yoga holidays and retreats and indulge your inner yogini/yogi.

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