Kundalini Yoga explained

Welcome to our weekly series dedicated to helping you navigate the confusing lingo of yoga. Beginner or not, this ‘yoga dictionary’ will be here every Tuesday to quench your curiosity about a new, bizarre yogi word.

This week’s term:

Kundalini Yoga

Designed to awaken energy in your spine, Kundalini yoga is a type of yoga practice focused on the spirituality of practitioners. It aims to start a process of transformation, so a typical Kundalini yoga class incorporates meditation and breathing techniques.

While it may sound tame, the breathing exercises – from alternate nostril breathing to chanting to singing during yoga postures – are more challenging than you’d imagine. Rapid Pranayama (covered in an upcoming Term of the Week) “Breath of Fire”, mini-meditations, mantras, and postures will stretch your limits.

On a Kundalini yoga retreat, you can expect to focus on different chakras (parts of your body) at varying times throughout the week, which come together for a complete body purification and awakening.

Physical difficulty: The most difficult part of Kundalini yoga comes during the breathing exercises. They require intense concentration and can mentally wear you out even before you are physically tired.

Best part of Kundalini: If you are looking for a mental challenge from your practice, Kundalini yoga is for you. You’ll develop a true insight into your mind and can focus on transforming your perspectives.


Once you feel like taking your yoga practice and learning beyond the studio (say, to a beach), check out some yoga holidays and retreats and indulge your inner yogini/yogi.

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