Hatha Yoga explained

Welcome to our weekly series dedicated to helping you navigate the confusing lingo of yoga. Beginner or not, this ‘yoga dictionary’ will be here every Tuesday to quench your curiosity about a new, bizarre yogi word.

This week’s term:

Hatha Yoga

New to yoga? Hatha is a wonderful place to start. Get introduced to the basic yoga postures so that you can build on them as you continue your practice. Hatha yoga, as a style of yoga practice, simply refers to the physical practice of yoga, i.e. movements instead of chanting and mantras.

After a Hatha yoga class, you can expect to feel longer, looser, and (as with all yoga) more relaxed.

Difficulty level: Hatha yoga is generally considered a fairly gentle practise, as it’s great for beginners and works primarily on the basic postures of yoga.

Best part of Hatha: If you’re a beginner, Hatha yoga is not intimidating and is built around equipping you with all of the knowledge and skills you will need to grow in your practice.

Once you feel like taking your yoga practice and learning beyond the studio (say, to a beach), check out some yoga holidays and retreats and indulge your inner yogini/yogi.

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