Yoga in Greece – “a wonderful holiday”

Yoga_holiday_Kalamata,_Greece_boats“The location was stunning, the teacher was great and I learned so much as well as having a wonderful holiday.”

Alex of Dublin recently travelled solo to our yoga holiday in Greece where she went from being a beginner to yoga to doing a head stand in one week!

How was the yoga and the location?
The teacher was great so patient made us feel very welcome and kept to our level but challenged us. My family are Greek but I hadn’t been to this village before, it’s stunning there are some incredible beaches!

How was it travelling solo?

I have no qualms travelling alone. For me it was fine, I think if you were a single person the one thing I would say is I would recommend hiring a car to get out and about – if you have a car the rest of that area becomes more accessible.

The highlight?Yoga_holiday_Kalamata,_Greece_balcony_yoga
It’s a tough one, I got very excited on the final days to try head stands and hand stands. I’ d never done anything like that before and I did my first ever head stand! I was delighted with myself. Being in that smaller group and having more attention I wasn’t so scared to try.

How was the booking process?

The booking was really easy with you guys, with the website, and the information I got was really good it was really detailed about how to pay. The bit where it fell down was the supplier – I had to ring them and organisation isn’t his strong point but he was a great teacher.

Would you recommend it to others?
I would thoroughly recommend this trip and I will definitely do something similar again in the future.

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