Why don’t you do yoga?

Tea and yoga“I like tea and yoga, but I don’t do yoga.” – Moby

Whyever not, Moby?

Yoga practice brings all sorts of benefits. Greater flexibility and strength. Better sleep. Calm and focused mind. Less stress, more creativity. Overall wellbeing and happiness. Kind of like tea, really.

As wholesome and magical as yoga sounds, yoga can be daunting for the first timer. What if I can’t touch my toes? What if I fall on my face? Venturing into the unknown always brings so many what-ifs. Kind of like the first time I made tea.

But venturing into the unknown keeps things interesting

If you’re wondering, “Is yoga for me?” Yoga is for everyone. Young teens. Middle-aged mums. Pregnant mums-to-be. Even body builders. There are many different types of yoga styles and classes available. Pick one that is suitable for you. Try it. You might like it. Kind of like how I drink tea every day now. (Camomile, not ginger.)

Experts insist that it’s never too late to take up yoga. In a study done by the UCLA School of Medicine and published in The American Journal of Public Health, 21 over-60s suffering from hyperkyphosis were put through their first hatha yoga classes. The participants showed remarkable improvement after 12 sessions. Spine curvatures reduced by 6%. Walking speeds went up 8%. Reaches improved by 18%.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to wait till you’re 60 to take up yoga either. Look at our yoga teachers at this yoga holiday in Fuerteventura. Look at our yoga teachers at this yoga vacation in Thailand. Youthful. Radiant. That could be you.

Now’s your chance

The upcoming OM yoga show at Kensington Olympia on 25-27 October is the perfect opportunity for you to take a peek into the world of yoga. Yoga workshops. Yoga activities. Yoga discussions. Yoga holidays to be won (hint: visit stand H11, near the main stage). If it helps, you’ll probably not be the only yoga newbie at this yoga event of the year. And there’ll be tea.

Interested? Find out how to win a pair of day passes to this yoga show.

See you there!