Join the local Christmas spirit on a health retreat in Thailand

Christmas, although one of the most festive times of the year globally, can be a real bummer for our health (the increased cocktail intake and huge quantities of food don’t help!). Holiday parties, family gatherings and the cold weather all stack up against you…

However, there is a solution! Whether you’d like to shed the extra weight after the holidays or avoid the western Christmas enticements all together, Zina, our health guru & fitness expert extraordinaire runs her fitness and detox retreat in Thailand throughout winter. It’s a great solution for those who want to getaway to get back on track – mentally, physically & nutritionally.

What will Thailand be like at Christmas time?

Coming to Thailand during the holiday season will shift your paradigm from what this season usually feels like. You’ll be embraced by warm weather instead of frigid temperatures, sunshine instead of clouds and rain and beaches instead of snowploughs (well, I am from New York!).

Zina’s retreat is set in the province of Krabi, on southern Thailand’s west coast. The lovely sea village goes all out when it comes to decorating. They want their visitors to feel at home and also like to embrace the spirit themselves. And feel free to join in on the festivities and cut loose for a night at one of the nearby resorts right on the beach. You will be more than welcome!

swimming pool and palm trees in Thailand

The lovely pool at Zina’s retreat

Does the fitness retreat do anything different for Christmas?

During Christmas, the retreat team does something special to bring the locals and visitors together. Every year they organise a special outreach to serve the surrounding local community. Depending on when you book, you may have the chance to join in as they bring Christmas to a local village.

You’ll be playing games, teaching basic English to locals, eating lots of food and even bringing gifts to the community. This is one of the most beloved times of the year in Thailand, and you are able to be a part of it.

But what about the detox part?

Celebrations aside, this is still a fitness and detox retreat and you will be getting in shape with a full mix of programs, including Muay Thai kickboxing, temple stair walks, Tai Chi, cultural fitness walks, cardiovascular training, Latin dance, yoga, and so much more! There isn’t much chance of repetition, boredom, or failure.

There’s also plenty of coaching, demonstrations, consultations, along with treatments if you would like to treat yourself. This holiday is focused you on getting you to your best state of being.

If you would like to break the Christmas traditions and habits, and start the new year out with some new goals met, join Zina and her team Thailand on this fitness and wellbeing holiday.