Eco-living with style


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Modern living is great. Facebook, chocolate, flashy little cars. I love my super dooper power shower, catching movies at the cinema and (occasionally) going out on the raz with a G&T in tow.

jungle and remember what it was like before human beings evolved a mobile-phone shaped growth. I start to feel guilty that my life has been one big carbon dioxide party, and that I spare little thought for eco sustainability.   Sometimes though, the wilderness cravings set in. I want to escape the concrete

Want to relieve yourself of this guilt? Unwind in style in our stunning, eco-friendly Yoga Retreat, Thailand. Substitute smoking and alcohol with delicious natural food and daily yoga, spa treatments and exercise. Forget the stereotype. An eco-experience does not mean cold showers and faulty facilities.

With 100% natural cotton towels and sheets, solar powered hot water, water saving fixtures, rainwater harvesting and use of sustainable building materials to name a few, this retreat offers you the chance to live harmoniously with the environment, just for a little while.

Focussing on personal growth and relaxation, this retreat offers you the chance to transcend the stress and anxiety of every day. Escape from reality, unwind and forget your worries. Come home refreshed, with the tools to make healthier, better decisions and in a better state of mind.

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