5 reasons why fitness holidays are better than lying on the beach

While ‘fitness’ may not jump to mind when you think ‘holiday’, the travel world is changing and fitness holidays continue to grow in popularity.

Forget images of army sergeant-like figures yelling “get down and give me 50 press ups!” and focus instead on thoughts of meeting other single travellers in beautiful locations, where you so happen to go on runs.

Still not sold? Below are 5 reasons fitness holidays are better than lying on the beach.

Go all inclusive without the weight gain

fitness holiday malta

Fitness week in Gozo, Malta

A beach holiday tends to conjure up dreams of limitless cocktails and unending buffet lines. Fitness holidays still give you all inclusive privileges like included accommodation, meals and occasionally airport transfers, with healthier twists.

This juice detox and yoga retreat in Thailand, for instance, replaces cocktails with detox juices, and dishes up a constant stream of soups to satisfy your cravings on top of two detox meals, a coconut juice, and two ‘good green stuff’ shots per day. Likewise, this fitness week in Malta gives you unlimited fitness classes for your entire stay.

Active way to see a new place

detox retreat spain

Luxury fitness & detox retreat in Costa Blanca, Spain

Beach holidays tend to have you setting up camp on your favourite slice of sand. Meanwhile, a fitness holiday lets you explore your new destination with a spot of fun, activity-focused excursions.

This luxury boot camp and detox retreat in Costa Blanca, Spain, takes you on guided hikes along the surrounding coast and into the mountains, so you can check ‘sightsee’ and ‘workout’ off your list all at once.

Meet others travellers

Fitness holiday in Tuscany

Tuscan fitness holiday, Italy

Lounging on the beach is great for a peaceful, solitary getaway, but fitness holidays have been built to accommodate travellers looking for a mix of time alone and time spent socialising.

Everyone joining a fitness holiday is of a like mind about wanting to get or stay in shape, see a new place and lead a healthy lifestyle. You’ll meet people who will motivate and inspire you, but with holidays like this fitness week in Tuscany, you can stay in your own room and spend your free time alone if you need some solo time.

Still get time on the beach

Fitness week in Spain

Fitness week in Costa de la Luz, Spain

If you’re dead set on getting some relaxing time on the beach, most fitness holidays give you plenty of free time to spend how you’d like.

For a less traditional stint on the sand, holidays like this 8-day fitness camp on Costa de la Luz in Spain have you on the beach most of the time — you’ll simply be sunbathing as you run, lift, squat or pull. There’s no better place to work on your beach body than actually on the beach.

Benefits you long after you return

Weight loss retreat in Thailand

Weight loss retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand

A beach holiday leaves you with great memories and a tan (or sunburn, if you’re like us), but a fitness holiday supplies tangible results and a new kickstart to your workout regime to take home with you.

The luxury boot camp mentioned earlier, for instance, gives you recipes and a 1-to-1 session with the head trainer over Skype after you return home, and this weight loss retreat in Thailand, supplies you with one month worth of weight management supplies and a workout program tailored to your specific needs.

A fitness holiday is like the ultimate gym: relaxed, in an exotic location, and packed with motivated peers. While a different take on the beach holiday mindset, you can enjoy fitness and detox holidays in the sun while avoiding the dreaded weight gain and leave your holiday feeling better than when you arrived.