Turkish belly dancing holiday as seen in The Independent

Belly Dancing -Accommodation - shoppingGoLearnTo.com’s Turkish belly dancing holiday features in The Independent’s “Have the time of your life” article. Skills learnt on this holiday are not only physical but will also enrich your cultural understanding. The Turkish belly dancing holiday is an enjoyable way to exercise; reinforcing your abs, improving your self-confidence and acquainting yourself with the local culture. Here’s what Sarah Baxter has to say:

“Tummy twizzling
To tone those abs, head for Istanbul. Go Learn To’s Turkish Belly Dancing trip (0845 625 0445; golearnto.com) is taught by local pros. Ten hours of tuition should see you ready the performance session at the week’s end. There will also be plenty of time to explore the continent-spanning city. Seven nights costs from £612, excluding flights.”

To read full details of the holiday click here: Turkish Belly Dancing Holiday
Or if dance isn’t your thing then check out our One Day Turkish Cooking Course in Istanbul to discover Turkey through its wonderful and varied cuisine.

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