Recording the ‘Something to Declare’ programme

Recording took place for the Independent newspaper’s magazine radio programme ‘Something to Declare’ last night at Stanfords Travel Book shop in Covent Garden, London.

All sorts of recording paraphernalia was set-up on two round tables on the first floor of the shop whilst shoppers milled around browsing travel books and trying not to look too interested in what was going on.

The show was supported by the Spanish Tourist board and I was asked along to talk about the fantastic range of learning holidays and courses to learn a new skill that GoLearnTo has on offer across Spain and Spanish speaking countries.

As it was my first time doing anything like this, nerves and excitement were on overtime especially as a few of the shoppers settled down into the reading sofas to watch and listen and someone started taking pictures putting my first night nerves under even more pressure!

I fear I may have talked a bit too quickly but it was great fun and definitely something I’d love to do again.

The 30 minute show has some great contributions from Neil Taylor on Cuba, Cathy Packe on what to pack for the Canary Islands and Simon Calder on a new high speed train from Malaga to Seville and Barcelona to Madrid as well talking about his latest trip to deepest darkest Peru.

I also managed to rush my way though our fantastic value Spanish language courses, cooking, surfing, scuba diving, tennis, kite surfing, flamenco and Latin dancing holiday courses, perfect for single people and anyone who wants to get more from their holiday.

The podcast will be available in a couple of weeks time on the Independent newspaper website and I’ll post a link to the show on the blog so you can check just how quickly those nerves made me talk!