Self improvement holidays in The Guardian

jumping 4 beach
Dea Birkett from the Guardian is trying to book a family break abroad and is struggling with the concept of ‘doing something’ on holiday.  If fly and flop is what you are looking for then the major tour operators and plenty of the smaller specialist ones have some fantastic beach holidays but when did a family beach holiday not involve some kind of activity whether it be water parks, sightseeing, beach games or whatever takes your family’s fancy.  Here’s what she wrote about…

From eduvacations to hobbydays, more and more are being packaged as times for learning, not lounging. might sound like an American university’s distance learning programme, but it’s one of these new style tour operators, determined to convince us that we must return from our family break not only bronzed but brainier.”
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There’s nothing wrong with fly and flop Dea and certainly I don’t hear anyone in the industry saying that there is but don’t knock a learning holiday until you’ve tried it. Having recently returned from a photography weekend in one of the most magical places in Andalucia, I feel incredibly relaxed, revived and inspired (not even the Ryanair flights could take away the feeling!) and to me, that’s what a holiday should do.