Save money on an Italian language holiday in Italy

Rome, ItalySorrento Language School
Everyone loves a good deal and is not short of those, Yours magazine this week pointed out ways to save on learning Italian on an Italian language holiday in Venice. Take Italian lessons in the afternoons rather than the mornings and save over £50 per person on our Italian courses in Venice this Summer.

There’s plenty of other ways to save money on Italian lessons as well. If you really want to learn Italian in Italy but hate the idea of grammar and really just want to learn to speak Italian then you might want to consider our great value Italian conversation courses in Florence. Just £87 for a week’s course and with just 10 lessons per week, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your Italian language holiday and the best bit is you’ll be able to order your cappuccino and pizza like a local (just don’t oder a coffee with milk after 11am or you’ll give yourself away!)

Another money saving tip is to stay with a local Italian host family during your language holiday as you’ll get your meals included, cooked just like mama makes and all for a very reasonable price – it’s a great way to stay in the expensive cities as well as the ideal chance to practice your Italian outside of the classroom.

Go learn to speak Italian on your next holiday and bag yourself a bargain at the same time.