Learning holidays in the Daily Mail this week

We’re hot in the press this week, with an article on learning holidays in the Daily Mail Online recommending www.GoLearnTo.com as a go-to for the best learning holiday experiences!

Read the article by Elinor Goodman here…

Learning holidays: Picking up a new skill on a break

‘I decided 2013 was to be a year of acquiring new skills. So I signed up for swimming lessons at my local pool, enrolled for Italian evening classes and began a course in leadership for me and my dog – the idea is that I lead, and she follows, but it doesn’t always work like that.

I then started exploring options for learning holidays and soon discovered there is nothing you can’t learn on holiday. Want to be a Maasai warrior? No problem, Bush Adventures runs a camp in Kenya where they will teach you and your family how to throw a spear and find a lost goat.

You could learn to drive a team of huskies in Finnish Lapland. Or would you prefer something more domesticated? How about learning to knit at a macrobiotic retreat in Scotland or sewing in Cornwall? I prefer the idea of a course in truffle-hunting in Italy (with a little wine-tasting on the side), or tango lessons in Argentina.

Learning holidays used to sound rather earnest and too much like hard work. But it is an expanding section of the holiday market, particularly for the retired and single. Websites such as GoLearnTo.com are a good starting point.

www.notintheguidebooks.com offers a variety of holiday courses, including truffle-hunting in Umbria and tango lessons in Argentina and Spain.’

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