Learn something new on holiday…

Tesco magazine has a feature urging us all to ‘learn something new’… “It’s never too late to take up a hobby, get additional qualifications or improve yourself. It could earn you extra cash, work wonders for your social life and help you move up the career ladder.”

Tesco recommends kick starting your year of learning, with a great value learning holiday from us at GoLearnTo.com.  Whatever you want to learn from a new language, cooking, dancing, painting, photography or sports – we’re bound to have something that interests you.

To have a browse at over 1000 holiday courses to inspire your year of learning, visit www.notintheguidebooks.com now!

Prices start at just £29 for a short wine tasting day course, cookery holidays with accommodation from £319 and language courses from less than £100 for 1 week – so what are you waiting for?!

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