Harnessing the power of social recommendations

Social Media in your handsLeading learning holiday specialists www.GoLearnTo.com today launched an innovative application that integrates with Facebook to instantly personalise the site to each user as well as featuring reviews from friends.

It’s about equipping travellers with the best decision making tools to discover holidays that last a lifetime, said GoLearnTo.com founder and CEO Vanessa Lenssen.

The latest launch is one of many in the social evolution by GoLearnTo.com to reach its goal of offering an immersive social experience for travellers.

Now on GoLearnTo.com you will see…

Facebook friend’s recommendations

“You’ll see ‘Likes’ and recommendations from your Facebook friends as well as the total number of Likes on the holidays you’re researching,” Lenssen said.

The tool allows people to use ‘social proof’ when booking their holidays, said app creator Carl Davis from So Adaptive.

“It makes a difference in knowing that this type of holiday experience has been enjoyed by someone that you know,” Carl said.

‘Share’ and ‘Like’ options before purchase

When researching holiday’s users can Like and Share any holiday they’re interested in across their social networks, whether it’s pinning stunning photos of a cooking school in Tuscany to Pinterest, or sharing a snippet about beach yoga in Spain to Twitter.

And while away 70% of travellers update their Facebook, so it’s making it even easier for guests to share their holiday experiences with their friends directly from the site, Lenssen said.

‘Share’ your holiday purchase

Guests can also ‘Share’ recently purchased holidays across their social networks, whether it’s pinning photos of their upcoming holiday to Pinterest or sharing travel plans with colleagues on LinkedIn.
“Our holidays are a social experience where you meet like-minded people, and our on-going aim is to extend that social experience to the planning and booking stage of your holiday as well,” Lenssen said.

Phase two of the launch will also see;

Tailored holiday recommendations from your Facebook profile

Users can connect on the site via Facebook and instantly see holiday recommendations tailored to their individual likes and interests from Facebook.

“If you like photography and yoga on Facebook then when you login you’ll instantly be shown a selection of yoga and photography holidays tailored to you,” Lenssen said.

Trusted. Private. Real.

With all the recent credibility issues with the likes of TripAdvisor hitting the press, people are even more likely to dismiss static review sites looking instead to their own social networks for endorsements.

“We’re excited that the integration with Facebook means we are optimising that social channel and keeping traffic on the GoLearnTo.com site to read trusted customer feedback and reviews from previous guests or their friends,” Lenssensaid.

However unlike other Facebook logins, user’s privacy remains protected.

“We’re dedicated to maintaining trust with our online community so nothing is posted without your permission.” Lenssen explains.

To try it out, visit www.GoLearnTo.com and search for a holiday whilst logged into your Facebook account.