French Cookery Class – One Day Trip To Nice

N1-300x224Private chef, supper club host, cookery teacher & writer, and self-confessed travel-junkie Sabrina Ghayour joined NotInTheGuideBookson a one day culinary extravaganza in Nice and took our one day cookery course. Below she writes up her review of the day for The BespokeBlog….

“Culinary Come Fly With Me: Day Trip To Nice with ‘Go Learn To’ and BMI

What better way to begin the week by flying business class to Nice for a day trip to the glistening shores of the Cote D’Azur courtesy of ‘Go Learn To’ and BMI. I do not have to worry about luggage on this occasion; with just my snazzy little Louis Vuitton bag under my arm (when in France) I breezed through business class check-in and was whisked off to the brand new super-snazzy BMI lounge at Heathrow Terminal 1 for a little pre-flight relaxation. Four cups of coffee and two bacon rolls later, I had to dig deep to find the motivation to prepare to board my flight. The lounge was so slick and comfortable that I really did not want to leave; complete with showers, meeting space, comfy sofas, a buffet and Wi-Fi, what else does anyone need to get them through the day? Leave me here with a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on my face and I would be a throroughly happy bunny.

A short 1 hour and 55 minute flight later, we had landed at Nice airport and were met by our driver and driven a short 10 minute journey in to the vibrant and bustling heart of Nice city centre. The old port (or ‘vieux port’) is absolutely gorgeous, especially on such a beautiful sunny day like this. We rambled through the Marché aux Puces, the local flea market,  sifting through trinkets, antiquities, furs and other miscellany. We strolled over to the beach front on Promenade des Anglais to indulge in a little French ‘café society’ whilst we had the chance, basking in the sun as we sipped our coffees in the warm reflection of the Mediterranean sea. A leisurely walk in and around the streets of Nice took us to the main pedestrian shopping districts, teeming with locals on their lunch breaks. Backstreets studded with hidden gems such as patisseries, chocolatiers and boulangeries, all perfuming the streets with the enticing aromas of their wares. Each shop selling food and produce that locals deem as routine or everyday items but many of them treasures that would excite the very pants off the rest of us.

For the final part of our itinerary, ‘Go Learn To’ sent us on one last stop to a boutique cookery school in town, run by the rather petite and glamorous Chef Aude, for a bit of hands-on cookery in true Nicoise style. Beautifully fluent in English, Chef Aude runs one of the very few cookery schools in Nice and learning a little about the flavours of Provence along with the newer cultural influences of the region, was the highlight of my day. If I thought I was not going to get hands dirty, I was about to be proven wrong. We all had our stations, chopping boards, knives, aprons and tools laid out for us along with English menus detailing the three courses we were about to cook. Pumpkin soup with Parmesan tuiles, Salmon wrapped in Moroccan ‘Brik’ pastry with saffron creamed leeks and a decadcent chocolate fondant cake for dessert. There was nothing we could do but roll our sleeves up and get stuck in with peeling, chopping, dicing, stirring and waiting (waiting, waiting) patiently for each course to be ready as our appetites grew and grew. We each dished up our own starters, mains and desserts, assisted where necessary by the lovely Aude and sat down to gobble every last bite, washed down with copious quantities of wine, in true French style.

I absolutely love coming to Nice in the summer but winter is a very different affair. Although unlike Cannes and St Tropez, Nice is not a ghost town in Winter, au contraire, it is the larger and most populated city of the region and very much full of life all year round. Always something to see, always something to do and today was no exception. As we left the cookery school, the sun had disappeared and darkness had blanketed the sky. We headed back to the airport with full stomachs and tired minds, reflecting on the day spent basking in the glow of the warm French sun. It really is quite amazing how much you can do in just a single day. In the tedium of our day to day lives and the ever-spinning hamster wheels, it is easy to forget the adventures we could have if we just had a free day to do so. In just sixteen hours, I had an exciting mini-adventure, met interesting people and took in the sights, sounds and smells of a bustling French city on what would have been an otherwise dull day in London town. I felt completely revitalised like I had been away on holiday. But the absolute best part? I did it in style.

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