Cookery holidays featured in Al Jazeera

Cookery holidays are on the rise! Here at, we offer a mouth-watering range of cooking holidays worldwide and this trend is snowballing…’s cookery holidays have been mentioned on Al Jazeera’s website – read what the Al Jazeera had to say about us here:

Culinary holidays taste success in India

More vacationers are learning to cook th e local cuisine of the places they visit to spice up their breaks.

Cooking is a chore that many find tiresome and boring. But many urbane Indians are bucking the trend and picking up the spatula more by choice.

Sally Hine, marketing and public relations manager,, said that of all the activity-oriented holidays they offer, 30-40 percent of bookings are for cooking tours.

Culture and cuisine

Food is an intrinsic part of local culture. To learn a city’s food is to learn its way of life.

Mumbai-based journalist Reshma Krishnan recently went on a two-week cooking holiday to Tuscany in Italy. “Food is a great way to study a culture. Plus, I love Italian food and really wanted to learn the basics of Italian cooking,” she said.

Then there is the snob value. Doing different is the name of the game. Everyone goes on a safari, after all!

Women may find cooking everyday-food boring but learning to cook something exotic adds excitement.

“Around 50 percent of people from India who booked cooking holidays with us went to France, 30 percent to Spain and 20 percent to Italy,” said Hine.

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