Belly dancing holiday featured by Skyscanner

Our belly dancing holiday has been featured in “New Year revolutions: 10 holidays to change your life in 2014” by Skyscanner.

This amazing belly dancing holiday takes place in Istanbul, one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. During this holiday you will uncover the secrets and mysteries of belly dancing and enchanting oriental rhythms whilst having the unique opportunity to discover ancient palaces, bazaars and Turkish cuisine in all its authenticity.

belly_dancing_istanbul_fabricsNow see what Skyscanner has to say about the holiday:

Learn to belly dance, Turkey

‘As Shakira once said, the hips don’t lie, so learn one of life’s essential skills on a belly dancing course. Learn how to wiggle those hips with more style than your usual uncoordinated floundering on the dancefloor under the expert guidance of Turkish tutors in Istanbul.’

At we offer a range of exciting and unusual holidays. If belly dancing is not your thing we have loads of other courses available to cater for your taste.