BBC Radio challenge

Horse Riding
I was put on the spot today on air as BBC Radio Shropshire’s presenter Adam Green challenged me to recommend a learning holiday for him in July. He told me he loved running, getting outdoors and cooking with the pressure of live radio upon me and less than a second to respond, I thought fast and recommended our new Spanish cooking & horse riding course in Andalucia, Spain. For a sporty guy who likes to be outdoors but loves cooking there’s no better place to spend a few days of your holiday.

Adam loved the idea of cooking up big pans of paella and individual tapas dishes as well as giving horse riding a go and even if he doesn’t take to the horses, it’s a great place to go running around the beautiful cool hills  and lakes of Andalucia so that was Adam sorted!

If you want to combine lessons with leisure then visit to be inspired…

To listen again to the drive time radio show, visit the BBC Radio Shropshire website now.