Yoga holidays – an essential for the Christmas season

Merry Christmas

As children, we used to look forward to the Christmas season. No school, no teachers, no homework. We would probably miss our friends, but the 2 weeks of fun more than compensated for that. And the presents! The lights and the sparkles! The wonderful smells of the Christmas roast and ginger tea! It was the most magical time of year.

Then we grew older.


Christmas stress

As adults, the Christmas season is still great. A joyful time to share with family and friends.

But the downsides of the season have crept in and stolen some of the magic over the years.

According to Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati, doctor, yoga therapist and world-renowned author, Christmas can be one of the most stressful seasons of the year. So much holiday shopping to do. So difficult to manage food and alcohol consumption. Must see that awful aunt. Ironically, just when you need them most, exercise and relaxation fall just outside the Christmas to-do list.

Yoga_meditation_holiday_Fuerteventura_-_beach_meditationGet away from it all. Indulge in a hatha yoga and meditation holiday. Relax with yoga sessions on the beach and calming meditation sessions. Enjoy wellbeing massages and therapies. Explore the tranquil area well-removed from the bustling tourist areas. Unwind and disconnect.

Get even further away. This Ashtanga yoga retreat in Thailand is very popular among solo travellers looking for a peaceful getaway. Start the day with guided breath work followed by a reviving Ashtanga yoga session. Repeat in the evening. Repeat the next day. Immerse in the luxury of this eco-friendly yoga retreat. Enjoy the view from your private balcony overlooking the meditation garden and the beach. And how do a wellness centre, a herbal steam room and a saltwater swimming pool sound to you?

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