What to wear for a yoga holiday

Yoga_retreat_Koh_Samui_Thailand_yoga_ClassBooked a yoga holiday but confused about what to pack?

The general rule with yoga is to wear clothes that are form-fitting yet allow you to move freely and comfortably. Too baggy and your teacher will struggle to see you posture and alignment. Too tight or binding and they are likely to restrict your transitions into poses.

There are many fancy and technical yoga togs out there but you are likely to find many items lurking in your wardrobe that will fit the bill.

Specialist yoga pants will facilitate your movements through poses but many yogis find that an opaque pair of leggings or training trousers do the job just fine. Make sure your bottoms aren’t so long or flared you trip over them. Three-quarter lengths are a great (and slightly cooler) option.

For men, training bottoms are fine. Shorts are too but you might want to carefully consider their length to avoid embarrassing incidents!

Go for close-fitting, longish tops that will cover you fully during your poses. You will want to concentrate on your movements, not worry about what you may be displaying. Avoid plunging neck lines and don’t forget to back a sports bra. You will probably find that many vest tops or fitted T-shirts will do the job just fine.

Many men wear a vest or a tighter T-Shirt that sticks to their shape for yoga. If your T-Shirt is loose, it is likely to ride up you back or bunch up round your ears so save yourself from distraction and tuck it in.

Layer up
The beginning and end of yoga sessions are often less demanding so take a comfy cardigan or a long sleeve top that you can slip on and off as your body temperature changes.

Yoga_holiday_Side_Turkey_seaward_meditationShould I buy my own mat?

Feel free to bring your own mat, however, most schools provide them, along with blocks and any other props you might need.

What else should I take?
Yoga is practised in bare feet but you should bring training shoes, flip-flops or casual shoes to wear to and from your sessions. Take a thick sweater or cardigan to keep you muscles warm before and after too.

If you find you slip around on the mat during poses, bring yoga gloves or socks. Take a hair tie or head band to stop your locks from flopping in your face.
You might also want to consider packing a gym towel, refillable water bottle and sweatband.

As with all actvity holidays. If you haven’t worn your clothes for yoga before, put them on before you pack. Try out a variety of poses and check that they are comfortable and don’t restrict your movements. Make sure they don’t have falling straps or drawstrings that may distract or annoy you and that they don’t reveal more flesh than you would like.