Top tips for weight loss and fitness from the office

swiss ball

If you’re anything like us, you’ve come back to work from your Christmas break with a bit more than a new pair of socks and a watch from Santa…spinning

Somehow that third mince pie and extra helping of stuffing have made their way back with you too, sneakily nestling themselves on your thighs.

But if again like us, you don’t want to miss out on all the fun in January on some drastic all-denying detox; then never fear.

At the office, we’ve been trying out a few fitness and dieting tips to see what really works after the festive season.

We don’t like the sound of radical diets and cower at the thought of two hours a day on the treadmill – yawn. So instead we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding the best fitness and health tips for those who actually like food and enjoying life.

We’ve researched and tried out some great health and fitness tips and exercises to see what works best for us, and for you. We can even call it our New Year’s resolution if you like.

walkingSo here it is, our favourite ways to lose weight and get fit in 2013 – let us know how you get on with yours:

Walking – Jane (Holiday Writer)
Jane isn’t one to exercise, but walking is the perfect compromise. Gentle exercise without over exerting is right up her street, she can’t stand sweating and puffing! She’s been walking for 30 minutes twice a day for the last month, and is feeling fitter and fresher (and looking fresher in the office in the mornings!!)

Spinning – Sarah (Serial Facebooker)
Sarah is an avid spinner, preferring to exercise to loud chart music in short sharp bursts rather than spend hours at the gym. Spinning is perfect to really get your heart beat racing whilst enjoying a casual singalong at the same time.



yogaYoga – Sally (PR Guru)
Sally’s has upped her yoga class intake to 2 classes a week to really stretch those muscles and improve her breathing, and she claims to have noticed a real improvement in her wellbeing. After over indulging in a few too many mince pies over the festive season, yoga is the perfect way to exercise gently but effectively to achieve a stronger body in 2013.


Skiing – Katy (Holiday Hunter)
Sadly we’re not all fortunate enough to have an endless supply of snow on our doorstep, but lucky Katy is! She’s been spending the last few weeks skiing in the fresh white stuff, not only improving her core strength and building those muscles but also having a lot of fun in the meantime.skiing

Core training – Vanessa (The Boss)
Swiss ball, balance ball, gym ball, yoga ball, or just ginormous bouncy ball….call it what you wish, there is no denying this ball’s efficiency. Vanessa’s been experimenting with the Swiss ball to improve her core strength and has seen a big improvement. She does 10 minutes in morning and then again in the evening. And the beauty of the exercise ball? You can use it while watching TV, so it doesn’t even feel like you’re exercising!

Feeling inspired by our achievements? Why not try a walking holiday, watersport holiday, wellness holiday, or a cycling holiday in the new year?