Top 5 learning holidays for 1 on 1 tuition

At GoLearnTo, we like to have something for everyone, and that includes those who seriously want to hone in on their crafts or wellbeing and have some 1 on 1 guidance.

But don’t for one minute think that private tuition means you’ll be alone all holiday! Our holiday hosts love meeting people and helping them develop their skills and in most situations, you will feel like one of the family or a friend who has come to stay.

We have compiled a list of some of our hosts who are notorious for taking the time and personalised attention needed to devote to one client; giving them the skills they need to further their passions to last for a lifetime. These holidays are suited to those who want 100% attention and results from their learning holiday experience, without compromising on the fun!

1. French language immersion holiday in Provence, France

Our French language teacher, Brigitte, has 30 years teaching experience and has opened her amazing Provincial home to exclusively provide a 1 on 1 or small group French immersion experience. But be warned! People are lining up far in advance for their week with her. Quite unlike any other language experience we have come across, a week with her includes homemade meals (feel free to shadow her and help out in the kitchen and make a cookbook memoir), 2 cultural excursions of your choice and access to her wonderful pool overlooking the countryside. If you have the money and desire, you can even spend a night on a boat taking in the vast Calanques. If you have a plan, Brigitte would love to help you see it happen. All of this in French, mind you with 2 structured hours of language lessons per day.

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2. Personalised cooking holiday in Tuscany, Italy

Lee putting pizza in oven on cooking holiday in Tuscany

One of our top selling cooking holidays is in Tuscany, with the lovely Italian Rita (who oddly, when she speaks, does so with a roaring Glaswegian accent). It is no secret – she caters to everyone, gets you to medieval highlights, and teaches you the finest beloved recipes of Tuscany – as well as taking you to the artisan shops to take home the ingredients you may need. What you may not know, however, is that we send our ‘special recipe needs’ students to her, to learn to perfect recipes of their choosing.

Here are recipes that our guests have exclusively visited Rita for as per their request:
– Wild boar stew and polenta
– Carpaccio di tonno (thinly pounded tuna sliced and served with lemon or vinegar, olive oil, salt and ground pepper)
– A seafood only day (of squid, octopus, clam, mussel, and oysters, purchased fresh before the lesson with the student)
– Only regional finger foods for a family buffet
– La Ribollita soup

For a special family recipe that you just can’t remember how Grandma made, or to master a recipe to surprise that special someone, we guarantee Rita will teach you the exact dish you are looking to master; but with a wee bit of wine and sights, as she likes to say. Rest assured – there is nothing wee about it.

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3. Painting holiday in Paleros, Greece

Painting and drawing holiday in Greece

Barbara, who hails from Holland, has a wonderful home tucked away in Paleros, on the mainland of Greece, which she settled into years ago after being awestruck by her surroundings when she visited. As a painter, she was immediately soothed and charmed by the seaside, quaint fishing villages and the buzz of the village lifestyle which picks up and carries through summer nights. Specializing in watercolour, Barbara has no problem guiding you through the medium of your choice, and will take you to different points daily to paint ‘en plein air.’

For you and designed by you, let Barbaba know your interests, desired subjects, and preferences, and she will magically work your week around your needs. You can stay in your own apartment in the village and become one with the locals, take a boat out for the day with Barbara and take in the sea, or get down to some serious work in the studio for those of you who need some firm one on one tuition to find out which painting style is uniquely you. Tell Barbara your preferences and needs, and let her take care of the rest in the Greek village that has become her home.

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4. Wellbeing holiday including yoga, Pilates, diet, weight loss and strength near Murcia, Spain

Activity holiday hosts, Viv and Dan, have to offer one of the most unique experiences we offer; while Viv offers Pilates reformer, nutritional aid, amazing workouts and years of wellbeing experience; Dan has mastered mosaics and has a refined eye for art, colours, and fluidity.

Although their beautiful, tucked away retreat can cater for 8, if you would like to have your own time with personal guidance, diet, and routines to focus on self improvement in any areas – Viv is the one for you. Alternatively, if you decide to enjoy their oasis to create and work on your art and craft skills, you will be in Dan’s expert hands while he helps you design the perfect mosaic piece to embellish your home.

As explained by your host, Viv:
“Because we are small and only have small groups, it allows me to have an intimate relationship with clients. We have a chance to discuss, when they arrive, what they want to achieve from their stay, and create realistic lesson plans to reach realistic goals. I always offer ongoing support, post retreat. I tailor lessons to the clients needs, physical challenges, or injury/illness rehabilitation requirements. I am an experienced Pilates teacher, trained by the Body Control Pilates Association and I have also expanded my knowledge regarding, osteoporosis, best movements for safety and strength, pregnancy and back problems. I have a professional Pilates reformer machine, which has many benefits for injury recovery, back issues, to improving a healthy individuals progression in their chosen sport, or activity.

We offer healthy vegetarian food but we advocate nutritious diets, healthy portions and will accommodate guests with allergies and food intolerances.

I have experienced serious health problems in the past and have recovered through self help, sunshine, good healthy food, Pilates & yoga and a good understanding of my own needs nutritionally to combat and cure my own osteoporosis.

Dan’s mosaic courses help clients to relax, focus and tap into their creative side. We offer a nurturing environment, that benefits those that want to improve mind and body and enjoy life to the full.”

You can find Dan and Viv’s holidays here.

5. Personal Photography Tuition in the Dordogne, France

With a maximum of 6 guests, your host Mike likes to keep photography groups in small numbers to maximise personalised tuition, focus, and guarantee enough hands on time in and out of the editing room.

However, if you are to be the only guest on his photography weekend, you are in for a treat. Dinner is served with your hosts and your tutor, and includes local wine, beers and soft drinks, along with a typical menu of (for example):
Entre: hors d’oeuvres platter
Main: Coq au Vin, with seasonal local vegetables
Cheese: a selection of local cheese
Dessert: an assiette gourmande

Live and dine like a local but get all of the hands on personal experience you can take in, while making use of the cameras, tripods and computers available to execute professional shots.

Please bring any camera you own; do not splash out for this venture. As Mike says, ‘Do not assume a great camera makes you a great photographer – it is the other way round. The photographer’s skill will make any camera look good!’

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If you have any questions about the above holidays or would like more suggestions to suit your special requirements, please call, email and chat with us via our website.

Alternatively, feel free to browse our full range of learning holidays here.