Top 5 holidays for the whole family

We like to believe that at, our learning holidays provide something for everyone; that means mum, dad, and the whole family (add your extended family as well for an unforgettable reunion that no one will have to cook for!).

For a holiday that will leave the kids with a new skill and interests, a quiet getaway for a sibling catch up or something entirely different for Grandma’s 70th, we have some unique learning and activity holidays that will take the usual humdrum of a family holiday and crank it up to one that provides fun, entertainment and brings out everyone’s curious side.

Book a place that will be just for yourselves, or branch out and meet some news friends while you’re there; our hosts go above and beyond to make your holiday personalised and perfect for the whole family.

Here are our top 5 suggestions for the perfect family holiday:

1. Jewellery and cooking holiday in south west France

Stay in this rural French farmhouse that holds a little something for everybody.

Not only is there an onsite studio where you will learn to make your own jewellery and a fully equipped kitchen for hands-on cookery lessons; there’s forests, fields of sunflowers, an inground heated pool, table tennis, basketball, shooting, archery, cycling and board games to name a few, all included in the price!

What this means is, while you want to refine your jewellery craft and perhaps your husband wants to master duck confit, the kids have plenty to keep them occupied and off the WiFi during a fabulous day in the great outdoors.

It is hard to beat this family holiday for teens with different interests. If you would like to join hosts Caroline and Adam, you can find their full range of jewellery and cooking holidays here.

2. Pizza and pasta making break in Tuscany

If you are a family of foodies and are getting tired of the pizza takeaway scene, take everyone to Tuscany and master a huge array of pizzas, pastas, focaccias and sauces to make your Saturdays back at home extraordinary!

Host Rita will have you bursting at the seems (and for you, parents, your wine glasses full) and after a night of feasting, will get the karaoke machine rolling to have some fun while you digest.

During your stay, pile up the family into Rita’s van and get ready to explore medieval cities and churches tucked off the tourist path, shop for some Italian delicacies, and get to know why Italy is famed for its food the world over.
It will be a challenge to beat Rita’s itineraries and prices, so read more about her pizza and pasta making break here.

3. Adventure horse riding in Morocco

Are your kids at the age where they’re ready to see the world from a different point of view and take in some new culture?

Adventure horse riding in Morocco is the answer, as this family friendly school caters to all ages and all levels.

This is a refreshing active break for those who have had one too many package holidays, going sight to sight in the family car, anxious and ready to kill each other (or was that just my family?).

You’ll have a four day trek over stunning sand dunes, visit fishing villages, deserted sandy beaches, and local shepards, concluded with family camping under the stars. When you’re not trekking, you’ll be staying in a traditional Riad, where at the end of the day you can relax at a seaside cafe with the family chatting about your unforgettable Moroccan adventure:

Read more about this horse riding holiday in Morocco here.

4. Fitness and wellbeing camp in Zahora, Spain

If you’re a family of movers and shakers (or if you like the idea of a holiday that can get you in shape as you exhaust your children), you must try this fitness holiday on the beaches of southern Spain.

What makes this holiday unique is that the outdoors serves as your gym and every day is different – you simply won’t have a moment to get bored with the activities or itinerary.

Situated right at the base of a natural park and the sandy beaches of Zahora, there’s plenty to take in during your free time. You will also have a pool and jacuzzi to use to relax at the end of the day, and a BBQ for some great outdoor dinners.

Communal and fun, this is great for the whole family and a way to meet some new friends and get in shape at the same time.

Read more about this fitness holiday in Spain here.

5. Cooking and hiking holiday in Umbria, Italy

Or, we can say cooking and eating holiday with less guilt?

Your setting for this family holiday is tucked away on a delightful functioning Italian farm, nestled in the surrounding hills and valleys of the region of Umbria.

Each day you will learn to cook a beautiful, regional classic meal, savour every bite, then walk a new terrain and path where you will experience breathtaking views, ancient sites, and the charming city of Perugia. Surrounded by lush countryside, some friendly farm animals and a swimming pool, this holiday offers the perfect balance of amazing food, the great Umbrian countryside, and boasts of sights that will stay with you forever… perfect for the whole family.

If you would like some time on host Raffaella’s farm in a family apartment, you can join her cooking and walking holiday here.

For more inspiring family holidays, do not hesitate to call us and we can find the perfect package that will leave you with new, amazing family memories that will stay with you forever.