Personally I have never been surfing, which is odd, as you couldn’t get me out of the ocean as a kid. Food and wine? I am your girl. Luxury? I can help you find it. Surfing? I would be happy to check availability for you; but for the love of God don’t ask me to get in the water with you.

But still, I am amazed by the amount of requests we get year after year for surfing holidays all over the world. I must say, your typical surfing break does sound fun: daily surf lessons, optional yoga sessions, group dinners watching the sunset. So what is stopping me?

I figured there must be more people out there who haven’t tried surfing either, some more adventurous than me I admit, so I got in touch with super friendly surf holiday host, Abdullah.

We talked about some frequently asked questions he gets from beginner surfers. Including the ones you may not feel confident about asking directly.

What is the best board for surfing beginners and why?

The best board to be used by beginners are foam (soft) boards, at least 8’ long because they’re a bit safer. If you fall on it or bang into it, no worries. More so, they are more stable on the water, so the student can stand easily.

How long until I get in the water for the first time?

Before hitting the water, at any level, you should do a bit of warming up. For absolute beginners, your first day is going to include safety, basic rules, then instruction on the beach. This may take about 30 minutes to an hour depending on your instructor. So basically, not long until you’re in the water at all.

men with surfboards walking into water on beach

Can you explain the different boards and what different lengths do?

Foam boards are, again, great for beginners. The thicker the board is, the heavier it will be, thus making it more stable.

The same rule is applied to hard boards (epoxy). The heavier they are, the more stability there is.

Fiberglass boards tend to be more fragile, and eventually get damaged by sun and water; however, they are more affordable.

More advanced surfers often prefer shortboards, which require some skilled balance and control.

What happens if the surf is too rough or too calm?

Overall, we tend to have great surf conditions all year round in Morocco, however upon the occasion that it is too rough, there are plenty of great ways to spend the day.

We can go to another surf spot with better conditions, or, in extremely rare cases that there aren’t any, we can go to the local market, have a massage, or decide what we would all like to do as an alternative. Same goes when there are no waves, which again, is pretty rare.

Will I be cold? How cold does the water get where you are? Does a wetsuit provide warmth?

The coldest water temperature can get as low as 15°C, and with the wetsuit, people surf 2-3 hours without feeling cold (the water temperature in winter season, which is the coldest, is 17-18°C).

How will surfing affect my body? Where will I feel it?

Surfing is a great workout and you use your entire body while surfing. You will definitely be feeling it in your arms, while mastering the pop up! You’re in for a great night’s sleep on this holiday.

people sat at morocco style table eating breakfast

Surfers gather for breakfast on GoLearnTo’s surf and yoga holiday in Morocco

Are there any etiquette rules I should be aware of while in the water?

Oh yes, there certainly is! This will all be explained to you on day one, and more so as you progress and branch out on your own. There’s a system to everything.

What are your best tips for newbies?

As a newbie, I would recommend doing a bit of exercise before your arrival, as it will help prepare you for hours in the water. Whether it be stretching, dancing, or swimming, any movement and activity will help you improve.

Everyone starts somewhere – listen to your instructor, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and know everything comes eventually with the more practice you put in.

What should I bring for my surf holiday?

Bring everything you would bring on a regular beach holiday, and we will supply the rest!

roof terrace on surf house in Morocco

Abdullah’s roof terrace

If Abdullah has put you at ease, you may want to join his super funky surf holidays in Tamraght, Morocco, and enjoy some Moroccan meals on the rooftop terrace, under the setting sun after a day in the water.

He will also point you in the right direction to make the most the town and area.

Or feel free to browse our full range of surfing holidays and breaks here.