What to pack for your surfing holiday

Have you just recently booked a surfing holiday or are thinking about going on one and are wondering what you should bring? Well we can help! We have surf holidays all over the world so can give you the low down on everything you need from the essentials to insider tips.


Here’s our roundup of what you’ll need:

  • a bathing suit, bikini or shorts which you can wear underneath the wetsuit (If the weather allows it you can also surf without wetsuit)
  • a beach towel so you can dry yourself after being in the water
  • A t-shirt to swim in – if you’re not wearing a wetsuit then you’ll need a t-shirt to protect your chest on the board.
  • Zinc or high SPF lip balm, remember it washes off and if you’re out for hours your lips need protection from the sun
  • Also remember sun screen, sun glasses and a hat in case it gets too hot on the beach
  • If you have sensitive ears it might be good to bring waterproof ear plugs

All other surfing equipment such as wetsuits, boards etc. are provided for you so you don’t have to worry about that.

In case you are concerned about your level of fitness it can be a good idea to prepare yourself for the surfing by starting to do some exercise (if you don’t already) or you might want to join a gym and ask for specific advice and exercises there.


Right, now you are good to go. Check out our various surf holidays in Morocco, Spain, France, Portugal, Costa Rica and many more.


Some random surf facts:

  • Leading with the right foot forwards on the surfboard is called “goofy-foot”, whereas leading with the left is called “regular foot”.
  • The most people to ever surf on a single board together is 47
  • It is estimated that there are around 18 million surfers globally
  • Surfing is now not only done by humans but also dogs