Surf holidays in style

BoardshortsBooked your surf holiday? Question is, what to pack to fit in with the ‘laid-back’ surfer style on the surf beaches of Biarritz, Conil de la Frontera, Peniche, Lanzarote or Fuerteventura this summer.

Surf brand Quicksilver is a leader in cool surf gear and their latest offering of customised board shorts are our pick to pack.

For 99 Euros you can pick your yoke, scallop and dare I say it arch for delivery within a snappy 30 days. 

These high-tech wonders will do the business both out and in the water.  You can go crazy with the design and trust me, some people do by the looks of the ‘inspiration’ board but my instinct is to keep it simple.

Block colours and less emphasis on the arch and you’ll be the coolest surfer on the beach regardless of how cool you look on your board.

Less is more dudes.

Get yours here at Quicksilver...