Solving your Australia Day homesickness in London

Wishing you were throwing ‘shrimp on the barbie’ down under today? Fret not. These five strategies can help you beat the homesickness. Consider them Australia Day life hacks. Enjoy.

Start your day right… with Vegemite

Australia day; Vegemite

  1. Pop into Tesco or Waitrose and pick up a jar.
  2. Spread it on toast according to your preferences.
  3. Share it with your international friends and laugh at their reactions.
  4. Repeat.

You’re off to a brilliant start.

Sip some Australian wine

While you’re at the shops, throw a bottle (or two) in your trolley. It’s both a shoutout to your homeland and the perfect option for pre-drinks tonight.

Spend an hour watching Steve Irwin on YouTube

Australian Shepherd; Australia Day

Because why not? Or substitute cute videos of koalas, Australian shepherd puppies, or kangaroo encounters… you choose.

Join an authentic (well, happening) Australian BBQ

The Queen of Hoxton is throwing a bash all night, but starting at 4pm, you can find a special Australia Day menu to get a taste of home complete with a roof garden barbecue. Oh, and did we mention? Entry is free.

Stay out until everyone back home wakes up

Australia Day

Several nights are on at various bars and clubs throughout the city. The classic Walkabout has events starting at 10am through to 3am, so you can ring your friends or family back home as they are just waking up.

Belushi’s near London Bridge will be partying ’til dawn, as will Infernos.

Chat, commiserate, and reminisce with other Aussies knowing you made the most of your holiday away from home.

Cheers, mates.

GoLearnTo team