The side of Ibiza your mum would actually like to visit for Mother’s Day

Get some quality time with your mum this Mother’s Day… in Ibiza! Erase mental images of clubbing with your mum and replace them with a serene beach setting that shows a new side of Ibiza, away from the stereotypical party spots. We have recently partnered with a wellness holiday host, Tracey, who organises relaxing mother-daughter getaways & photography tours in northern Ibiza. Treat your mum (or yourself!) to some much-needed time away on one of her tranquil retreats:

Mother & Daughter Wellness Retreat (or short break)

Mother Daughter retreat

Choose between a 5-night complete wellbeing holiday or a 3-night wellness break for two, with breakfasts & dinners included alongside a stay in a traditional Spanish finca tucked away in the serenity of the northern part of the island. Enjoy private movement sessions, healthy meals, nature walks, and therapeutic massages. Spend time with your mum under the sun this Mothers’ Day, and remind her why you’ve always been her favourite child.

Find the full holiday overview on our site: Mother & Daughter Retreat


Landscape Photography Holiday (or short break)

If you or your mum is more of a photographer, a 6-day landscape photography holiday or 4-day photography break might be better. Learn the basics amongst beautiful beaches and the quieter magnificence of northern Ibiza. Capture the stunning landscape with workshops and photography excursions, with plenty of time to explore the island together.

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