Save up to 30% on flights by booking your summer holiday now

With the high-travel, high-temperature summer approaching quickly (even if it doesn’t yet feel like it), now is the best time to get your summer holiday sorted… especially your flights, according to the experts.

Though planning a fun summer holiday is sure to bolster your mood, overpaying for flights definitely won’t.

In fact, even booking your holiday early can save you from overpaying for hotels and holiday packages. This great graphic from Skyscanner and The Mirror shows exactly when the best time is to get your holiday booked to popular destinations in Europe and the U.K.

Booking Holidays for Summer

And that isn’t the only great piece of advice the flight masters at Skyscanner have for us. According to their flight data, the best time to book your flights is seven weeks out. And with just over two months to the beginning of travel’s high season, that means to get the best prices, you need to book now.

Now, if you’re feeling stressed because you haven’t even booked a holiday yet, don’t worry, you still have a few weeks to sort it out. The experts here at NotInTheGuideBookswould also be happy to talk you through a holiday to match your tastes and help you reserve your spot with just a deposit. And, we’ve compiled a few more tips to help you save as you start booking:

Book flights on a Sunday

With many tales of the woes and triumphs of booking at certain times, a new study by Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation reported in Conde Nast finally have given a concrete answer.

Book on Sundays (not Tuesdays at 3 pm, or Wednesdays at 1 am) to get over 30% off on long-haul flights and 17% on short range trips.

Do not, we repeat, do NOT book flights on a Friday

Regardless if this is the only day you feel you have time to make your plans, your bank account will suffer unnecessarily if you book on a Friday. Business travel tickets are rushing to make the next week’s plans and airlines increase their prices due to the demand; if you are caught in the fray, you will pay.

Instead, set a price alert. Skyscanner, which we recommend for flights, and many other travel conglomerates like Expedia and Kayak allow you to set an alert to remind you to book when prices are lower. And waiting two days until Sunday to actually go through and finalise the purchase will save you enough to buy several souvenirs or meals you couldn’t otherwise afford.

The vote is out, and the verdict is in: to enjoy a summer holiday without contributing to the estimated £1.1B Brits are unknowingly overspending, book your holiday and your flights now.