Inspirational breaks

The Daily Mail published a report last week stating that millions of Britons work on their laptops or smartphones by the pool or at the beach on holiday and the average worker almost three days to forget about work and start to unwind after arriving on holiday.

Leaving dinner to take calls, spending evenings working and even daydreaming about the office by the beach are common holiday sins as employers place ever-increasing demands on staff.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Not everyone has the luxury of two weeks off work and most of us tend to grab short breaks and 1 week holidays to ‘recharge’. So, if it takes the average worker 3 days to switch off and you only have between 3 and 7 days away then something has to give. provides the antidote to the usual pool or beach-side holidays where switching off is intended but never quite achieved. To instantly switch your brain into ‘holiday mode’ you need to do something completely different. Something motivating. Something magnificent.

Learn something. Try a new activity. Discover how an inspirational break learning something new can change your stress levels.

Inspiring breaks

Here’s some ideas for an inspiring break.
Luxury cooking and spa break in Umbria, Italy
Luxury spa. Copious amounts of delectable Italian food. Extensive wine cellar. 5 star luxury accommodation in a former Italian villa.  Oh, the views… This definitely has my name on it.

Cooking & spa bliss from £629 for 3 nights.
Jewellery making short break in Gascony, France
Delightful 19th century farmhouse. Amazing food. Gascon wines. Relaxing pool. Oh, and bags of precious metal jewellery to take home with you. This has to be the ultimate short break as the stack of unique jewellery you’ll create and take home pretty much pays for the trip.

Luxury jewellery making short break from £615

Argentine tango dancing break in Andalucia, Spain
It might not be Buenos Aires but Erika and Ken will do their best to conjure up the sounds and rhythm of Argentina on this great tango short break. Don your dancing shoes. Lose yourself in the sultry rhythms of the music and dance. Great pool. Gorgeous views. Air-conditioned dance studio and all the hours under the sun to practice.

Inspiring tango dance holiday from £331 for 3 nights

Tango holiday

Tango holiday

Wine tasting on horseback
Not at the same time, you’d just spill it wouldn’t you and that would be a despicable waste. Pretty farmhouse in the Bordeaux area of France. An overwhelming choice of some of the finest vineyards in France. Friendly horses. Exercise and wine tasting. Who wouldn’t?

Horse riding and wine tasting break from £450

Horse Riding And Wine Tasting Holiday, Bor

Surf the most westerly point of Europe
Peniche beach is uncrowded. White sand. Beautiful and every so slightly wild. 3 nights here will transform you into laid-back surfer. Surf. Drink at the beach bar. Meet some fun people. Eat in a restaurant that’s perched on a rocky outcrop with a picture window overlooking where the Atlantic meets the Med.

Great value surf break in Portugal from just £186 including accommodation, surf lessons & equipment




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